INTERVIEW: Police Point Park unveils new fire renewal exhibit

By Scott Roblin
February 6, 2019 - 6:40pm


MEDICINE HAT, AB – When you hear the word ‘fire,’ thoughts of damage and destruction often come to mind.

However, the Medicine Hat Interpretive Program is looking to shed a new light on the importance of fire in ecosystems.

On Wednesday, a new Parks Canada exhibit was unveiled at the Police Point Park Interpretive Centre called ‘What’s the Connection? Discover Nature’s Renewal.’

The two-month long showcase looks into how controlled fire and the environment go hand in hand, highlighting the devastating 2017 Kenow Fire at Waterton Lakes and the return of species to the area since.

Two Parks Canada members will be showing off the display on February 18 for Family Day celebrations, while local schools in the area will get a chance for a tour in the coming weeks.

CHAT News spoke with park interpreter Marty Drut on Wednesday about the opening of the exhibit and what they want people to know about fire in this corner of the province.


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