The 22nd Annual Medicine Hat Jazzfest is underway

By Matt Pouncy
June 17, 2018 - 8:44pm


The eight day music festival known as Jazzfest is back for it’s 22nd year in the gas city.

A performance by an american group named Frisson kicked things off at the Esplanade theatre but over the next week you will be able to see performance form canadians, americans, and even a group from the Netherlands.

Lyle Rebbeck, producer of the Medicine Hat Jazzfest, says it’s important for people to know is that it’s a summer festival.

“It’s become sort of like the ushering in of summer,” said Rebbeck. “So we’ve got event happening on rooftops, on top of parkades, in an airport hanger, and the beautiful Esplanade theatre.”

Over 150 musicians will be performing in a variety of shows for families, people who enjoy the late night, dancers and swing dance.

Rebbeck stresses that you don’t have to be a jazz fan to be a fan of Jazzfest.

“Over the 22 years it’s really helped to develop the local music scene for thing,” says Rebbeck. “Lots of people have gone on to music careers after their involvement here. I think it creates a sense of community, I think it’s one of those things that brings people together.”

You can buy a pass for $149 that’s guarantees you a spot at every event, purchase individual passes for each show, and if you don’t want to pay, there are some free show available.

Tickets can purchased in person at the Esplanade Box Office, online at and for a full list of performances visit

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