Local resident develops app to bring goods and services to you

By Taylor Chartrand
April 27, 2019 - 5:15pm

MEDICINE HAT, AB - When you think of delivery service, a few things may come to mind. 

Maybe pizza delivery companies or even SkipTheDishes, but have you heard of Let's Order In (LOI)?

Well, LOI was developed by area-resident, Jared Bosch.

Bosch said after a few 'false launches' and a years worth of growing pains, he's ready to release his app to the world.

"I love technology, the web and sales," explained Bosch. "I knew it was all coming together and the competition was out there doing some things and I honestly thought there was a better way. There was room for another delivery service here in Medicine Hat. One that looked out for the customers, merchants and the drivers."

But, his competition missing the mark wasn't the only reason Bosch invested so heavily into this idea.

"Well, after my wife passed away from cancer, I found myself a little lost and decided it was time to do something. So, I started talking to restaurants and businesses in town and I could see there was a need and at the end of the day, nobody said don't or stop."

The only person or business who may have told him to stop, is his main competition, SkipTheDishes.

"Skip is actually pretty amazing. I wouldn't be here if they didn't give us a challenge. I have nothing bad to say about them, but there's room for the little guy here and I'm happy to be in second chasing first. We're hungry and we want to give the people what they want."

Now, you're probably wondering, how does LOI work and differ from other delivery services?

"It started out with just food like the competition and we've evolved. It's a new day and age where people want what they want, when they want it. It's really that simple. If you don't find what you want on one of our menus, you hit the custom order button and you can ask us to go wherever you want. That ranges from things like food-delivery to groceries."

At 44-years-old, an emotional Bosch said never in a million years did he think he would be where he is today with this app.

"I couldn't be more proud. I don't know how to say it. Like I said, the people I'm working with, the restaurants I have on board right now, the merchants that I have, it's just incredible."

Currently, Bosch has approximately 25 local merchants on board and he's looking to add as many businesses as possible.

"To be on LOI, it doesn't cost you a thing. That's why I'm proud of it. It's there and if someone wants to place an order, everyone wins. The customer, getting what they want and the merchant who has now incorporated delivery into their operating business."

And in addition to merchants, Bosch is also looking for 'associates' as well.

"I don't call them drivers, they're associates. I picked an industry where the turnover is incredible, but I want the people to know we've changed the industry. They're vetted, I meet these people. They care about what they're doing and we have empowered them with our app to know the details of the order, know the merchants and know their customers. We pay our associates for their time, KM's and we also have gratuities."

After establishing a solid-foundation here in Medicine Hat, Bosch hopes to one day expand his horizons.

"I know we're making waves and we've been talking to companies in Brooks where the competition doesn't exist. We're growing rapidly and I think this is going to be another step that will push us in the right direction."

Bosch says his goal is to first do well in Medicine Hat, then expand to other locations in Alberta and then hopefully across Canada.

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