MHPS releases new details after girl is allegedly touched at the FLC

By Taylor Chartrand
January 6, 2019 - 3:47pm

Medicine Hat, AB - Medicine Hat Police continue their investigation, after an 11-year-old girl was allegedly touched inappropriately by a man at the Family Leisure Centre (FLC) on Friday.

Around 5:00 p.m, officers were called after a preteen girl told lifeguards at the FLC she was touched while swimming in the 'lazy river' portion of the pool.

Sergeant Ernie Fischhofer with the MHPS said they are currently looking for two-men in regards to this incident.

"The first male is being described as roughly 6'0" tall, average build and in his early to mid thirties in age," explained Fischhofer. "He had brown hair, short on the sides and back, longer on the top. The witness described the suspects hair as brushed back or to the side and he also had a shorter beard and mustache. He had a tattoo on his left bicep area, essentially from the elbow to shoulder region that was described as very colorful." 

Fischhofer said unfortunately, witnesses couldn't convey or recall a specific insignia or markings other than to share that it was colorful tattoo, like a rainbow of colors almost.

In addition to the male suspect, Fischhofer said they are looking for an another man in regards to this incident.

"There was a male friend that was maybe a year or two younger than the suspect. This friend was apparently taller, roughly  6'5" in height. He was described as having a little leaner of a build than the suspect and had darker hair as well." 

Fischhofer said the MHPS is working at recovering surveillance footage from the FLC.

"If anyone seen anything similar going on around the time that the incident occurred, we'd definitely appreciate that help."

Fischhofer then explained that these types of events are fairly rare in Medicine Hat.

"Unfortunately, our family crime unit, which I'm a part of, we deal with anywhere from 4-14 files a month with references to children being assaulted or sexually assaulted. As far as in public areas, it's not quite as common in Medicine Hat and we're fortunate that way." 

With regards to this situation, Fischhofer said parents should be having a conversation with their kids to stay safe.

"I think families should be diligent everyday whether parents are dropping their kids off at a pool, a park or the skating rink. I think due-diligence always comes into play and parents should have conversations with their young ones before they toodle off with their friends." 

Anyone with information about the alleged sexual touching incident is asked to contact Medicine Hat Police at 403-529-8400 or Crime Stoppers at 403-527-8477.

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