Saskatchewan MP reacts to McClintic prison transfer

By Jessie Weisner
October 1, 2018 - 5:23pm Updated: October 1, 2018 - 7:18pm


An Ottawa MP who represents the region where a convicted child killer's prison transfer took place says the government needs to reverse the decision.

Terri-Lynn McClintic was recently transferred from from a medium security institution in Kitchener to the minimum security Okimaw Ohci Healing Lodge near Maple Creek.

McClintic and her then-boyfriend Michael Rafferty were arrested in connection with the kidnapping, rape and murder of eight-year-old Tori Stafford in 2008. Both are serving life sentences.

The healing lodge McClintic was transferred to is located in David Anderson's constituency, leading him to be a strong advocate for the reversal of the transfer decision.

“We believe that is inappropriate,” says Anderson, MP for Cypress Hills-Grasslands. “There's a number of reasons for that, the first one would be that there's children present in the healing lodge, the second one is that there's no fence around the prison. There's no restriction on her and we don't think its appropriate for her to be sent to Maple Creek.”

Anderson says the Liberal government hasn't been doing enough to reverse the transfer up to this point.

"We've raised this at the House of Commons over the last week trying to get the government to reverse the decision and the most that we've gotten from Ralph Goodale and Justin Trudeau is that 'well we'll review it, we've told corrections Canada to review this and that's what well do.' We believe the government has the authority to reverse this decision."

The Conservative government has decided to debate the topic in the House of Commons on Tuesday, Oct 2.

Afterwards, on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning, all members will vote on a motion to call on the Federal government to condemn and reverse the transfer.

Anderson says the vote will give the Liberals an opportunity to do the right thing.

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