Medicine Hat Brewing Company expanding to Saskatchewan

By Matt Pouncy
June 18, 2018 - 2:18pm Updated: June 18, 2018 - 7:28pm


MEDICINE HAT, AB — Medicine Hat Brewing Company has branched out and their line of craft beer is now available in Saskatchewan.

Since May, the Boomtown Lager, Sin Bin Red Ale, Industrial Ave IPA, Gentleman’s Stout, and best seller, Burnside Blood Orange Ale are ready for purchase in Regina and Saskatoon.

Kaiden Vancuren, general manager of distribution of sales, said this was something they always had planned on doing.

“Well we’re all from Saskatchewan, like I was born in Kindersley, my whole family is from the Weyburn area. So we always wanted to go to Saskatchewan,” says Vancuren. “Our brewmaster named Mitch Dalrymple, he used to brew at Bushwacker in Regina, so he has lots of connections there, lots of ties, a big following there so it kinda made sense to go there. It was a pretty easy move for us.”

They had been trying to expand for a while but once they teamed up with the 49th Parallel, a distribution group with representatives in Regina, the transition went a lot smoother.

“We always wanted to get there but we knew we needed to fulfill Medicine Hat and Alberta orders first but we were able to produce enough beer now so we wanted to move over there,” says Vancuren. “We don’t want to stretch ourselves too thin but once we started trying to look for new groups we linked up with these guys and it worked out well. So it was a good match and it worked out real smoothly actually.”

Vancuren says he didn’t think they would be able to get their beer there until June but it was a good feeling to get it there at the beginning of May.

You can find Medicine Hat Brewing Company products on SLGA, and Sobeys Liquors shelves in Regina and Saskatoon, with a province-wide roll out expected later this year. The next goal for the company is to expand further east into Manitoba.

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