Local companies hoping to land contracts to build the Aurora Cannabis Facility

By Leah Murray
June 5, 2018 - 5:24pm Updated: June 5, 2018 - 7:00pm


MEDICINE HAT – Heavy equipment has moved in and earth is being moved at the site of the future Aurora Cannabis production and processing facility.

An Edmonton company is doing the prep work on the site and has hired Starks Plumbing, Heating and Electrical to help out.

It’s not the only project the local company is hoping to get. Starks has placed bids on several contracts with Aurora including deep utilities, mechanical and electrical work. Albert Stark, company president, said the contracts would be worth around $30 million dollars.

“They're going to be spending a lot of money here,” said Stark. “I would say it's in their advantage to spend as much as possible locally, and I think that is their mandate.”

Aurora Cannabis said the new facility will see an investment of upwards of $130 million dollars in Medicine Hat.

Rite-Way Fencing Inc. in Redcliff is also bidding on a contract with Aurora. Branch manager Michael Speiran said they are hoping to win a portion of the investment.

“There’s a big tender out for not only the whole building, but specifically for us will be the fencing project,” Speiran explained. “The entire perimeter fencing and interior fencing.”

Speiran estimates the fencing project will cost somewhere in the ballpark of $250,000. If Rite-Way gets the contract it would be one of their biggest projects ever.

“It gives us the opportunity to hire more people for the ongoing process of the project,” Speiran said. “[It means] jobs, not only internally for the company, but outsourcing and subcontracting part of our work out as well.”

Rite-Way said it knows it won’t be the only company bidding on the project.

“I think pretty much every fencing company in Alberta will probably be bidding on it, Speiran speculated. “Anybody from Edmonton down to Medicine Hat, I would say would be involved with it.”

It’s not only construction companies that stand to benefit from the major project. Stark said he believes other industries including hospitality, trucking and housing will also see an impact.

“It's going to trickle all the way down I think. You put more money in the private sector's pocket and they do more investing and they spend within their market,” said Stark.

Aurora is expected to award the fencing contract next week and work putting up the fence will likely start on June 20th.

Speiran said even if they don’t get the contract, they are hoping they might be able to work on the project as a subcontractor.

“Anybody who gets the job it’s going to be beneficial no matter who gets it,” Speiran stated. “Preferably, being local, it would be nice to get it.”

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