Zero tolerance for speeding

By Leah Murray
May 17, 2018 - 11:03am Updated: May 17, 2018 - 6:59pm


MEDICINE HAT – Lead foots beware, Medicine Hat Police currently have a zero tolerance policy for speeders on Prospect Drive.

In the last week, police say they've stopped several vehicles speeding through the school zone by River Heights Elementary.

“On average we’ve been ticketing a dozen violators a day through this zone,” said traffic Sargent Clarke White. “If we’re sitting here for an hour or two a day, that’s quite a lot, and of course we’re not catching them all.”

Wednesday afternoon officers stopped someone going nearly 70 kilometres an hour through the 30 kilometre zone.

Police say several residents and parents have expressed concern over the increased traffic, saying people are ignoring the speed limits and it’s putting kids at risk.

“There’s kids around, there’s lots of traffic, there’s lots of parked cars from the hospital, it’s just a congested area,” white said. “For everyone’s safety people just need to be a little bit patient getting through here.”

Traffic has been re-routed through the area near the hospital, as a large portion of First Street is closed for gas line replacement.

Police are reminding drivers to slow down, and say there is not excuse for ignoring speed limits.

“We put together a plan to monitor the location until such time as the detour is no longer in place, or until such time as we start seeing a change in driver behaviour,” the traffic Sargent stated. “So far neither have taken place. So, we’ll just continue watching it and enforcing it with zero tolerance.”

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