Student Vote results for Medicine Hat election

By CHAT News Today
October 17, 2017 - 12:36pm

MEDICINE HAT, AB — Students in Medicine Hat would have elected Ted Clugston as mayor, but city council would look very different.

Late Monday, the results of Student Vote were revealed. A total of 20 schools in Medicine Hat took part in the vote. 

Student Vote, organized by Civix Canada, allows students to vote for the candidates they support for mayor, city council and school board. The program normally 

When it comes to mayor, students overwhelmingly voted Ted Clugston for a second term as mayor. Clugston received 800 votes during the vote. John Hamill finished in second place with 398 votes, while Thomas Fougere was the third place candidate with 355 votes. Scott Raible finished with 262 votes.

City council saw the most change from students. Bill Cocks, who finished in ninth place Monday night and lost his seat on citycouncil, received the most votes among council candidates from students, finishing with 1,061. Les Pearson, who also lost his seat on council Monday night, was elected by students, receiving 550 votes for the eighth position. Hugh English, who finished in 13th place Monday night was also elected to council.

Students elected Robert Dumanowski, Julie Friesen, Kris Samraj, Jamie McIntosh and Brian Varga, who all were elected by Medicine Hat residents on Monday.

As for school boards, students in SD76 elected Greg Bender, Deborah Forbes, Carolyn Freeman, Terry Riley and Catherine Wilson Fraser to the school board (Celina Symmonds and Rick Massini were elected on Monday). Catholic school students selected Alicia Doud, Regina Durst, Kathy Glasgo, Peter Grad and Dick Mastel for their board (Robert risling and David Leahy were elected Monday)

The full results for Medicine hat can be found below. Bold denotes winner.


Ted Clugston: 800

Thomas Fougere: 355

John Hamill: 398

Scott Raible: 262

City Council

Bill Cocks: 1,061

Robert Dumanowski: 782

Hugh English: 632

Julie Friesen: 643

Darren Hirsch: 530

Michael Klassen: 505

Jamie McIntosh: 724

Immanuel Moritz: 477

Myles Mulholland: 442

Les Pearson: 550

Leslie Rath: 450

Ryan Regnier: 426

Maureen Roberts: 400

Kris Samraj: 591

Colette Smithers: 360

Phil Turnbull: 474

Chuck Turner: 401

Jim Turner: 474

Brian Varga: 602

SD76 (14 schools reporting results)

Greg Bender: 539

Deborah Forbes: 418

Carolyn Freeman: 602

Rick Massini: 411

Aaron Myradon: 393

Terry Riley: 555

Celina Symmonds: 416

Jeremy Williamson: 326

Catherine Wilson-Fraser: 584

Medicine Hat Catholic Board – Five catholic schools reporting (McCoy High did not report any results for school board)

Alicia Doud: 62

Regina Durst: 38

Kathy Glasgo: 40

Peter Grad: 38

David Leahy: 34

Dick Mastel: 46

Jeffrey Neumann: 6

Robert Risling: 30

Bonnie Stafford-Mayer: 28


Clugston will serve second term, new faces elected to city council