No racer left behind: Local racer helps last place runner cross finish line

By CHAT News Today
October 12, 2017 - 11:25am Updated: October 12, 2017 - 7:06pm


MEDICINE HAT, AB — Sportsmanship was on full display at the South Zone Cross-Country Championships on Wednesday.

In the senior boy’s 6KM race, Trevor Mickey of Eagle Butte High School was the first place finisher at the race in Echo Dale Regional Park, qualifying for provincials.

However, it’s what he did at the end of the race that’s drawing attention.

Mickey circled back onto the trail to help out Cameron Beazer from Cardston High School, who was in last place. When asked why he ran to assist Beazer, Mickey said he was impressed by Beazer’s effort to finish the race.

“I was telling him ‘We’re almost there,’ ‘just keep going,’ ‘push it,’ just stuff like that,” he said.

“I was proud. He inspired me, honestly.”

The two racers received cheers from racers and fans when they crossed the finish line.

“I just wanted to finish strong,” said Beazer.

Beazer said it was weird at first to hear the crowd cheer him, but added it was “cool to have all those people cheering you on.”

He added having Mickey race next to him meant a lot.

“I’ve never met him before in my life, but to have him come with me felt good,” he said.

Darryl Smith, the cross-country coach for Eagle Butte, says he felt “goosebumps” when he say Mickey and Beazer race towards the finish line.

“We have a rule on our team; no one finishes alone,” he said. “To have an elite runner to work with someone who is putting in an elite effort, and they’re having an elite race for themselves, it says everything that I know about this sport and the effort level of the kids today.”

More than 1,200 runners from Grades 7-12 took part in the races. A full list of results can be found here. 

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