Roadcheck 2019 launches in Alberta

By Charles Lefebvre
June 4, 2019 - 3:19pm

EDMONTON, AB — The province’s transport officers are stepping up inspections of commercial vehicles this week.

The Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Branch will be out conducting multiple inspections in Alberta from Tuesday to Thursday at designated locations throughout Alberta as part of Roadcheck.

Roadcheck is an annual campaign where officers inspect commercial vehicles and drivers for compliance.

“The government’s first priority is public safety,” said Dpug Schweitzer, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General, in a statement. “Campaigns like Roadcheck help save lives by taking unsafe commercial vehicles and drivers off the road before they cause collisions or lead to other hazards that endanger the public. Ensuring commercial vehicles operate safely not only prevents collisions, it ensures people and goods move safely through Alberta and keeps our economy moving.”

Inspections are taking place near Atmore, Castor and Burmis, along with inspections in Lake Louise and the Columbia Icefield discovery Centre. The inspections at the latter two locations will primarily focus on buses.

During the inspection, the vehicle’s mechanical components are inspected, along with the driver’s credentials and hours of service. The focus for this year is steering and suspension systems, though multiple components are examined.

During last year’s Roadcheck, more than 600 vehicles were inspected over three days.

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