New restaurants bring international-cuisine to Medicine Hat

By Taylor Chartrand
May 10, 2019 - 4:55pm Updated: May 10, 2019 - 7:00pm


MEDICINE HAT, AB - Some great new restaurants have recently opened in Medicine Hat.

These new establishments are owned by people who not only want to feed you, but share their love of food with you.

One of those people is Mario Padilla.

Padilla loves to cook, which is what led him to open his restaurant, 'The Mexican Hat' three months ago.

"We tried to bring  authentic Mexican-cuisine to Medicine Hat," explained Padilla. "We've been working on this for a couple of years and here we are now, bringing the flavors of Mexico." 

From churros to tacos and everything in between, Padilla says they offer all the classic Mexican foods that Canadians love.

"Everything is cooked the way you can find it in Mexico. It was very important for us to nail the flavors of the cuisine and yeah, I think we're doing a good job and people seem to be enjoying it." 

Padilla says the Latino-community in Medicine Hat has become quite accustomed to his food.

"It's like home cooking for them. They come, try and they love it. That's one of the best compliments we get."

'Izote Latin Cozina' is also new to our City.

The name 'Izote' actually comes from El Salvador, as it's their national flower. 'Latin Cocina' simply means Latin Kitchen.

They specialize in foods from El Salvador.

Carina Marroquin says since they opened last week, they've been recommending customers try one of their favorites from back home; pupusa's.

"So, it's a tortilla filled with stuffing, cheese, beans and jalapenos," explained Marroquin. "There's different varieties that you can top it up with, different salsa and cordelia, which is a pickled slaw and then you just eat it with your hands."

But, for this family-grown business, it's not just about serving up good food.

It's also a way to showcase their culture.

"Medicine Hat is a place of growth and we can also bring awareness in regards to diversity, culture, language and what a gift through food. Food brings everyone together. So, why not gather around as a community and share food together."

And for Marroquin, she speaks on behalf of her family when she says they feel pride in opening this establishment.

"I really enjoy the fact that people always have questions about either the food or El Salvador. Me and my siblings enjoy that because it builds that connection and community aspect."

So, if you're looking for something new, those are just two of the new choices available in Medicine Hat.

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