10,500 customers left without power during latest storm

By Taylor Chartrand
April 28, 2019 - 11:03am

MEDICINE HAT, AB - City of Medicine Hat crews had their hands full, after the latest winter-storm rolled through the area.

Due to the high-winds and snow, Electric Distribution Superintendent, Tyler Masson, said 10,500 customers were left in the dark last night.

"Basically over the duration of the storm, we had approximately 10,500 customers out of service, as the storm rolled through," explained Masson. "The largest chunk of the outage was down in the south Flats and we just got them on by approximately 8:30 this morning."

That wasn't the only part of the City that was impacted though.

"We had Southridge, north-west Crescent Heights, the Flats, Parkview and then Riverside. Thankfully, everyone has now been returned to power."

He then stated that last nights storm showed a common theme, which prompted this message:

"Just important that residents are paying attention to their trees and to keep them trimmed up to keep them away from their power-lines. If they notice they're getting close, they can contact us and we can make arrangements to get them away from the power-lines."

If you are still experiencing no power in your region of the City, Masson suggests you call the Electric Department at 403-529-8260.

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