Election Commissioner issues more fines related to Callaway's 2017 UCP leadership campaign

By Charles Lefebvre
April 25, 2019 - 2:51pm

EDMONTON, AB — The province’s election commissioner has levelled more fines related to Jeff Callaway’s 2017 United Conservative Party leadership campaign.

Jeffrey Park, a donor to the campaign, has been fined a total of $10,500, the office of the commissioner announced Thursday.

Park was fined $5,250 for a $3,500 contribution to Callaway’s campaign “with funds given or fuof the commissioner announced on Thursday.rnished by another person,” the announcement reads. Another $5,250 fine was handed out for furnishing $3,500 to Michelle Park, “for purpose of making contribution to Jeff Callaway, registered UCP leadership contestant.”

The fines against Park are the latest fines handed to people linked to Callaway’s leadership campaign. In March, Hardyal Mann was fined $9,000 and Darcy McAllister was fined $8,000 for irregular contributions to Callaway’s campaign.

Cameron Davies, a campaign manager for Callaway, was fined $15,000 in February for two counts of obstructing an investigation.

The election commissioner is investigating allegations that Callaway ran a “kamikaze” campaign in the United Conservative Party leadership race, and the campaigns of Callaway and Premier-designate Jason Kenney’s collaborated during the leadership race. It is alleged Callaway ran for leadership to target Brian Jean, who was the main rival to Kenney, allowing Kenney to avoid making the attacks himself.

Kenney and Callaway have both repeatedly denied the allegations.

Callaway withdrew from the race before the vote took place and endorsed Kenney.

The RCMP is also investigating Callaway’s campaign for allegations of irregular contributions.

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