Cypress-MH MLA candidates make final campaign push

By Taylor Chartrand
April 14, 2019 - 6:00pm Updated: April 15, 2019 - 7:34pm


MEDICINE HAT, AB - Promises have been made, thousands of doors have been knocked on and hundreds of campaign signs have been plastered throughout the City.

Now, 27 days into the campaign, we're on the door-step of the 2019 provincial election.

First, we take a look at incumbent Cypress-Medicine Hat (MH) MLA, Drew Barnes.

In his final push to win the votes of area residents, Barnes spent the weekend with his team, planning door-knocking routes to make sure his message was heard by almost every constituent.

"People are underemployed, people feel the cost of living is too high and we want to be a strong leader in Canada," said Barnes. "We want to be the best place to raise a family in Canada. We want to be a leader for sharing with other provinces in Canada, but we have to have the opportunity to do it and that's what I'm hearing."

And just down the road from Barnes' office also campaigning on the weekend was NDP candidate, Peter Mueller

Heading into the election, Mueller is feeling positive and hopes people are taking the time to be well informed before casting their vote.

"Read some stories and look at the platforms," said Mueller. "I think when you look at the platforms closely, you know which side you're going to vote on and I'm sure it's going to be ours."

Alberta Party candidate Colette Smithers is running her first election campaign.

Smithers knows this election is a two-horse race, but still believes her party can make inroads in Alberta.

"There is a viable option and we're right in the middle," explained Smithers. "Some of our ideas and policies are not that different from what the UCP are proposing and they're not that different from what the NDP are currently doing or are proposing for the future."

Also on the ballot is candidate Terry Blacquier. 

The 30-year oil field veteran is running for the Alberta Advantage Party and believes his party appeals to voters with a blue collar background.

"We're not the bay-street crowd," said Blacquier. "We're Albertans. We've got everything from farmers to ranchers, oil-field guys, lawyers and even doctors. I mean, we've got a very diverse group of people that represent the actual Alberta people."

Liberal candidate Anwar Kamaran was unavailable for an interview this weekend, but provided this written statement:

"My message has been that this is a Change Election and voters have been telling me that Alberta Liberals are that Change," said Kamaran in an e-mail. "We have the best policies of any political party. We will improve the lives of all Albertans in Cypress-Medicine Hat and across the Province."

If you're not one of the roughly 700,000 people who already hit the advanced polls and are still unsure on who to vote for, click here for additional information.

The remaining eligible voters head to the booth on Tuesday.

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