Medicine Hat Chamber of Commerce advocating 'National Day of Action'

By Scott Roblin
February 20, 2019 - 5:41pm Updated: February 20, 2019 - 6:53pm


MEDICINE HAT, AB – Chambers of commerce from coast to coast are joining forces on Wednesday in defence of Canada’s national energy sector.

A ‘National Day of Action’ is being held by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, encouraging all chambers to demand change from the federal level when it comes to getting natural resources to tidewater.

The Medicine Hat Chamber of Commerce is one of those groups jumping on board, with president Sarah MacKenzie saying change is needed to stabilize Canada’s economy.

“We feel that right now Canada is at a tipping both socially and economically, because we have failed to get our energy resources to tidewater,” said MacKenzie.

Two of the biggest pushes from the chambers includes the approval of the Trans-Mountain Pipeline, along with amending Bill C-69.

That bill has to do with the environmental assessment process ahead of major projects, with the Canadian Chamber looking for ‘clarity, predictability, and transparency’ moving ahead.

MacKenzie said many of their stakeholders are getting frustrated with what they’re calling an apparent lack of progress.

“We not only hear of it locally, but we can see it's affecting everybody nationally,” said MacKenzie. “We feel that it's time for everyone to come together, and that our political leaders need to bring our provinces together and support one another. And, we need to work together to get things like the Trans-Mountain Pipeline built.”

Over 200,000 businesses across the country are being represented by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, with MacKenzie adding they’re hearing similar concerns from both western and eastern Canada.

“It’s not specific to British Columbia, or specific to Quebec or Alberta,” said MacKenzie. “As a nation, it’s important for us to come together and that Canadian businesses everywhere feel the same way, and we would all benefit if we could make some changes.”

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