Peter Mueller selected as NDP candidate for Cypress-Medicine Hat

By Taylor Chartrand
February 9, 2019 - 5:14pm Updated: February 11, 2019 - 7:14pm


Medicine Hat, AB - Peter Mueller is now Alberta NDP's candidate in Cypress-Medicine Hat for the 2019 provincial election. 

This announcement was made official today at the Medicine Hat College, after no other person put their name forward for the riding.

Mueller was all smiles following the public session and offered a few words as to why it was so important for him to back the NDP.

"I have never seen a leader like Rachel Notley," explained Mueller. "She has integrity, vision, intelligence, stamina and I think she is an amazing leader as a whole. Her whole program is what Alberta needs and I really do believe that."

This is the first time Mueller has run for office. He has spent 33 years as a teacher in Medicine Hat, primarily in social studies, and also taught at Medicine Hat College. He is also a political columnist locally.

Current MLA Drew Barnes, who has represented the riding since 2012, is running under the United Conservative Party banner.

Mueller was then asked what it'll take to swing more votes his way in the upcoming election and his response was 'that's a really hard question to answer'.

"I do think that I can bring something to the table that the other people running in our district don't have. I love having discussions. I love having people discuss complex issues and working their way through these issues. I want to start a discussion with people who are not necessarily where I am and see if I can invite them to my world." 

And after speaking to residents within the area, Mueller said he's heard a couple issues of note.

"Specifically the carbon tax, the pipelines, the LGBTQ questions and many other things."

Mueller then finished the interview by saying this:

"I think if the people of Cypress-Medicine Hat give it a chance, they will see some added benefits to keeping the government the way it is now, that is led by Rachel Notley."

The 2019 provincial election will take place this spring. 

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