Father wants profile of son's killer removed from online site

By Ashley Wiebe
January 9, 2019 - 12:06pm Updated: January 9, 2019 - 7:16pm


MEDICINE HAT, AB — An Edmonton father says he was disgusted when he found out the person who was convicted of killing his two-year-old son in Medicine Hat, is on a website, looking to connect with women.

T-Jaye Heller was charged in 2011 and pleaded guilty to second degree murder in 2013.

The father of the toddler isn’t being identified to protect the identity of the two-year-old.

He found Heller’s bio on Canadian Inmates Connect a year ago.

Heller’s bio states that he’s employed at the Bowden Penitentiary as a photographer for the inmates.

“It’s a nice job to make people smile everyday,” the profile reads.

It goes on to say that he likes spending his Sundays watching NFL and that he’s very close to his family.

The boy’s father had previously been incarcerated, but spent time with his son once he was released.

“It was a great time,” he said, over the phone. “We would watch cartoons.”

“From the little time that I had with him, it was the best time of my life,” he added.

He said he still thinks about his little boy all the time.

“I think about him 20 times, 50 times a day,” he added.

He would like to see the profile removed from the website.

“In there, he talks about family and he took away my family,” he said. “He took away the only thing that mattered to me so I kind of felt like he was lying through the whole profile.”

Sherri Maier is the founder of Beyond Prison Walls Canada, an advocacy group for prisoners and their families. She supports the rights people have while they’re incarcerated, but believes more information should be provided on the website itself.

Heller’s profile states he was convicted of second degree murder and his expected release date in 2026.

Maier said more details should be provided to show that a child was involved.

“Maybe you need to put in something like, well, (...) we need to know, a copy of your charges need to be brought forth,” she said, over the phone. “It’s a public safety issue at the end of the day, in my opinion.”

The two agree that something needs to be done.

The little boy’s father said he wants to take his concerns to Ottawa and have Correctional Services Canada step in for cases like this one.

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