Riverview Golf Club, Town of Redcliff working to ensure course will reopen in spring

By Charles Lefebvre
December 13, 2018 - 4:14pm Updated: December 13, 2018 - 6:50pm


REDCLIFF, AB — The Town of Redcliff and board members with the Riverview Golf Club are working to ensure the golf course will reopen in the spring of 2019.

The club and Town Council met in camera at Monday’s town council meeting. An email was sent out to club members this week following the meeting.

“Although the Town of Redcliff has not committed to providing financial support at this time, they are committed to working with the club to develop a plan to keep the golf course open for the 2019 season,” the letter to members reads.

“I’m pretty sure that the board now feels we’re moving in the right direction,” said Bill Duncan, one of the board members of the Riverview Golf Club. “The town agreed that it was an asset to the town, and we now have some direction to proceed to provide a plan that would have it open for next year.”

The letter says club’s board will continue to meet with administrative staff from Redcliff to review the club’s current financial position in more detail.

The course closed for the season at the end of October, with a team ensuring the course is prepared for the winter.

“It was winterized completely by volunteer members, volunteer staff and volunteers from the community,” said Duncan. “They worked with some of our staff who were operating as volunteers, but the course itself was completely winterized properly. All of the tarps and all of the covers were put on all of the greens, and all of the chemicals that were required for next spring to make sure was going to be in good shape were all applied professionally.”

Duncan says the hard work from volunteers and staff has been essential in the quest to keep the course open.

“Up to about 20 people that were out here at any given time making sure that work was done,” he said. “A great deal of thanks goes to the community, the staff, the volunteers for stepping up to make sure the course would be maintained in good shape to be able to open in the spring.”

Duncan adds the club is focusing on attracting more members in the next several months.

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