Over 1 million Albertans receive flu-vaccination

By Taylor Chartrand
December 7, 2018 - 5:13pm

Medicine Hat, AB - Since the 2018-'19 Influenza Program started in October, 1,050,634 Albertans have received their flu-shot. This number has increased 51,792 people from the previous reporting period.

In the south zone, a total of 81,074 people have been vaccinated, up 3,868 from the week prior.

The number of Albertans receiving their vaccinations over the past three years has increased on an annual basis: 2015-'16 (1,146,569), 2016-'17 (1,171,825) and 2017-'18 (1,146,569).

As for the sickness itself, lab confirmed cases of influenza A have continued to rise throughout the province.

Here in Alberta, 2,619 individuals have been infected by the A-virus, with 102 of those people living right here in the south zone.

Over the past three years, influenza A has been infecting more people throughout the province: 2015-'16 (3,710), 2016-'17 (3,793) and 2017-'18 (5,667).

As for influenza B, there have been a total of 18 confirmed cases, 1 of which landed right here in the south zone. 

And just like influenza A, influenza B has been steadily increasing province-wide over the past couple years: 2015-'16 (1,601), 2016-'17 (1,653) and 2017-'18 (3,402).

The number of people hospitalized due to the sickness has also continued to trend upwards.

To this point, 531 Albertans have been admitted to hospital. 10 of those cases have been reported in the south zone.

The number of Alberta patients hospitalized over the years has also fluctuated: 2015-'16 (1,698), 2016-'17 (1,653) and 2017-'18 (3,047).

Thankfully, the number of people that have died due to influenza this season has remained unchanged from the previous reporting period (6). 5 of those come from the Calgary zone, while the remaining death was recorded in the north zone. 

And unfortunately, the number of Albertans who have died due to the flu over the last three years has continued to rise as well: 2015-'16 (62), 2016-'17 (64) and 2017-'18 (92).

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