Corporate training with a twist

By Taylor Chartrand
December 6, 2018 - 5:20pm Updated: December 6, 2018 - 7:00pm


Brooks, AB - There are many ways to educate the average person, but this one is relatively unheard of.

Mobile Escape rolled into Brooks and offered students over at the college a unique way to think outside of the box.

"Mobile Escape is a mobile, educational escape room. We bring the escape room to you," explained Paul Harvey, Co-Founder of Mobile Escape. "We've designed our challenges in a way that we link them to a variety of different types of education. We spend a lot of times in schools, where we're linked to the Alberta Programs of Study and help students to think critically, problem solve, and work well as a team."

Within the exercise, students had to both defuse a time machine and work their way out of a Leonardo da Vinci-themed room.

"The big thing people talk about these days is twenty-first-century learning competencies. Those are things like problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration and those are things that we talk about a lot because those are skills we need in life." said Harvey.

And that is what the college's corporate training team was aiming towards by bringing in this puzzle activity.

Education that students and businesses can use in their everyday operations.

"It gets them to start connecting the left brain thinking along with that right brain creative and when they can use both of those, they can come up with great solutions to take back to the facility," said MH College Corporate Training Officer Wes Paterson.

With that creative line of thinking, Paterson hopes companies involved in the learning exercise can implement improvements and reduce overall costs.

"Ways to cut down power usage, ways to better utilize resources, so you're not just having banker-boxes of files stacked up in a room. Being able to take that information and digitize it. So, there's all kinds of things that are coming from this training."

This type of training is available to all businesses in Alberta through the Canada-Alberta Job Grant Program.

Employers can get up to two-thirds of the cost reimbursed for their existing employees and one-hundred per cent covered for any new staff.

"There's this huge opportunity utilizing this grant, so we hope to see a lot more businesses take advantage of that. It's available right now, it might not be here forever," finished Paterson.

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