Mad Hatter & Happy Hatter - Nov 29

By CHAT News Today
November 29, 2018 - 8:11am

Mad Hatter
Rent in Medicine Hat is getting closer to Calgary prices. Unfortunately, renters really don’t have much choice. Just owner greed.


Happy Hatter
Postal Service Workers are back working.  There are many Alberta employees that haven't seen a pay increase in several years and won’t have an opportunity to even attempt to get one before next year.  Why would they strike at this time of year, so all of Canadian can be angry with Postal Service?  Your union isn't working for its members.


Mad Hatter
To the people who follow too close in the winter, remember, if I put my brakes on and you hit me you are at wrong!! Whip lash not cheap I hear!!


Mad Hatter
That an opposition leader is blaming the CT on closure in Oshawa. Sorry, didn’t realize we had the power to close the 5 plants down in the USA with our CT? Maybe here is a thought that you might look into; before opening up the dimples, THINK!



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