'Dave' the cat goes missing

By Jessie Weisner
November 26, 2018 - 5:46pm Updated: November 26, 2018 - 7:25pm


REDCLIFF, AB -- The name ‘Dave’ is recognized by most Redcliff residents

Many consider him the unofficial town mascot, some even nominated him for mayor.

However, there’s one problem. Dave is a cat.

“He just likes to go around everywhere and visit people,” says Samantha Bindr, Home Hardware employee. “He’s super friendly, he’s super chill and just cute.”

Dave has gone viral on the ‘Everything Redcliff’ Facebook page.

Residents love following Dave’s adventures, which have included stops at the Hylton, Food Fair and Home Hardware.

“So he came here three days in a row and he was meowing at the door and he just wanted to come hang out and he was super friendly,” says Bindr. “All the customers loved him and he was just hanging out, super casual.”

“He’s the mascot, he brings happiness,” says Tisha Walker, the owner’s mother. “He’s the cat that comes up to say ‘hey hows it going’, he wants to chat with them and love him and rub his head.”

Dave’s owner, Bradie Burns, acquired him from Shaunavon, Saskatchewan. While Burns was there, Dave took an interest in him, and would return to him every night. When it was time for Burns to return back to Medicine Hat, he asked Dave’s then owner if he could have him, and she said yes.

Burns and his family realized early on that Dave is a free spirit who can’t be kept indoors.

“He’s always been outside, he’s never lived indoors,” says Walker. “He kind of comes and goes as he wants, fends for himself.”

A couple of weeks ago Burns announced him and Dave were moving up to Peace River.

However, Dave went missing on Friday, and his owner moved as of Monday.

The talk of the town hasn’t been seen since Friday, triggering even more Facebook posts from worried residents.

One reads “I look forward everyday to see the adventures of Dave! He’s our Redcliff mascot that needs to be found safely back to his rightful owners!!”

Another says “We love the "Dave watch". The kids and I are always looking for him and reading his adventures. He's is such a lovable boy. I wont knock on strangers doors for anything... except Dave.”

“It’s so weird that he went missing right before his owner was leaving,” says Bindr “So that’s really sad, we all miss him here.”

People are now on the lookout for the Town celebrity, and Walker says to get in touch if you see him.

“If they see him they’re gonna know cause he’s gonna run up to them to get some love so just if they do have him, hold him,” says Walker. “Let us know so someone will come and pick him up.”

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