Mad Hatter & Happy Hatter - Nov 26

By CHAT News Today
November 26, 2018 - 8:17am

Mad Hatter
End of the oilsands by 2050? G7 puts Canada on the spot with target for low emissions says Harper. National post June 2015 article. So, Trudeau replied what previous government said.


Mad Hatter
To the person who made the confession about a local theatre group purposely choosing to do the same play as a local high school, DO SOME REASEARCH BEFORE SPOUTING OFF ANONYMOUSLY. Here’s some education for you. So, how it works is; You have to pay to apply for the rights for a show, through MTI. And MTI can either approve or deny it. You don't know who else is applying for the rights to do the show. You just know that you are. MTI won't let two groups from the same city do the same show in the same year but both groups applied and so the loop hole was that the theatre group was doing it in 2018 and the high school was doing it in 2019 so it technically works out. Really, no one was out to get anyone else. And no one stole it. The theater group director and the school instructor both applied the day it became available.  The more you know.


Mad Hatter
This stupid labour dispute with Canada Post. I have ordered online gifts for the holidays and every day I check the tracking and they've delayed it again and again. Can they get over themselves for five minutes? If you don't like your job, get a new one... Don't ruin everyone's holidays.


Mad Hatter
Not sure if the garbage pickup has extra free time on their hands or they have a crazy route system.  I have seen them go down an alley near new school in NE then completely miss entire streets and go down pass 11th a few blocks before going down another alley for pickup.  Would think it would be more logical to do one entire area at once.


Mad Hatter
The Canada Post strike is ridiculous! They are paid better than most of the middle class, they get the best benefits package plus a retirement package! You drive to every mailbox! How hard is your job?! Hate it so much: quit! One of us could use your “horrible” job! Stop whining. And at Christmas? I don’t care that you’re trying to prove a point! Do you want to explain to kids why they don’t have presents? Half the time you sleep in and mail doesn’t get delivered (if) till late!


Happy Hatter
Would like to know where all these build pipelines protestors were 5+ years ago when no pipeline went to tide water? Problems started then, not this 3 year or less.


Mad Hatter
I highly doubt a kitten would have enough strength to lodge a piece of plastic tubing down its own throat. Whoever did that to the poor defenseless cat is a terrible person. Thank you to APARC for trying to save its life. At least it had someone that cared for it for its final hours. RIP Bumble. :(




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