Mad Hatter & Happy Hatter - Nov 22

By CHAT News Today
November 22, 2018 - 8:03am

Happy Hatter
Laughing at the person complaining about the decals on the car. I bet your young child has no idea what that “swear word” is, or what the NDP is, unless you told them. I remember paying attention to the pretty colours of the cars when I was a young child, not the political agendas of the drivers driving them. I can’t stop laughing. “My young child wants to know why someone would diss the NDP.” HAHAHA!


Mad Hatter
Everyone donates money and food to the food bank but have no clue how they treat the people who come in. The intake worker is nasty, and they follow people around like criminals trying to steal a can of soup. It’ sad and humiliating and so many suffering people will not go back because of the abuse.


Mad Hatter
Canada Post Union - get over yourself. Stop being so greedy. I understand some of your demands but turning down a grace period over the holidays makes it seem more like you are blackmailing demands now (no pun intended) rather than negotiation. It's basically like saying, "We want what we want, and we don't care if people don't get their parcels."


Mad Hatter
When people say, "I have a sick kid at home," as if I'm supposed to feel bad for you. I don't. I get sick. My husband gets sick. Doesn't stop us from getting things done. Like, sorry your kid is sick... that literally happens every year to everyone...


Mad Hatter
On Medicine Hat City Council you have one councillor who owns his own business. The rest of the councillors won a popularity contest and now they think they're business people. Ever wonder why our City truly never grows!


Mad Hatter
I think it speaks volumes to the character of the people in charge in the community theatre group that is competing with a local high school in presenting the same show that the high school had already planned to do. There is so many great shows out there, and you choose this one. It feels like a targeted attack. No thank you, I will support the high school.



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