Mad Hatter & Happy Hatter - Nov 15

By CHAT News Today
November 15, 2018 - 8:14am

Mad Hatter
My husband has a prosthetic leg and walking on ice can be more challenging than with two good legs. Today my husband was at an appointment and had to walk a couple blocks to a bus stop. A man in a car was waiting for him to cross the road and as my husband was crossing, he hit an icy patch and fell. The guy in the car honked his horn because he was taking too long to cross. No ounce of concern to see if my hubby was ok or anything, just wanted him out of the way so he could get to where he was going. To that in considerate man, I hope karma comes down on you hard.


Mad Hatter
I am a dog owner and the Kin Coulee Park is one of many areas I walk my dog.  There are some fantastic areas in Medicine Hat to walk dogs; Kin Coulee isn’t the only one.  The city is following what the province has requested, let’s get over it and walk our dogs at one of the many other areas.


Mad Hatter
I think it is time for the federal govt and provincial govt start helping out our seniors and vets with raising their pensions!  Not 6.00 so the provincial govt is doing what a joke! The feds have raised child benefits which is fine but now focus on our seniors and vets they deserve better


Mad Hatter
Tired of the same old complaints people have on here regarding politics. Why complain about politics on an anonymous site where your opinion isn’t cared about by the politicians. If you feel so strongly about it, why don’t you voice your opinion somewhere that will make a difference.


Mad Hatter
UCP negativity really gets tiring.  NDP has been in power after how many years of PC control.  Don’t blame NDP for the state of Alberta, this has years of PC power.  People complain about job losses, interest rates etc, just look at history, and who was in power 40 plus years when this was occurring?  Who was in power for years when mortgage rates were 10% plus. When oil companies laid off thousands?  When no one was hiring anywhere. It wasn’t NDP.  Those that complain about NDP should really think and review what history of PC party.


Happy Hatter
Always great to see how the community comes together to raise money and collect food for the food bank.



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