A few facts and figures about Quebec election campaign

By The Canadian Press
September 28, 2018 - 12:00pm

MONTREAL — A few facts and figures about Monday's Quebec general election:

Major parties: Liberal Party of Quebec, Coalition Avenir Quebec, Parti Quebecois, Quebec solidaire

Total number of registered political parties: 21

Party leaders: Philippe Couillard (Liberals); Francois Legault (Coalition); Jean-Francois Lisee (PQ); Manon Masse/Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois (co-spokespersons, Quebec solidaire)

Ridings: 125

Standings at dissolution of legislature: Liberals, 68; PQ, 28; Coalition, 21; Quebec solidaire, 3; Independents: 5

Number of leaders' debates: 3 (Radio-Canada, Sept. 13; CBC, Sept. 17; TVA, Sept. 20)

Major campaign issues: immigration, health care, labour shortages, education, jobs, economy, secularism

Number of registered voters: 6,153,408

Last provincial election: April 7, 2014

Voter participation in 2014: 71.43 per cent

Source: National assembly, Elections Quebec, The Canadian Press

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