Gas station owner in Redcliff thankful for customers support following difficult summer

By Charles Lefebvre
September 26, 2018 - 5:00pm Updated: September 26, 2018 - 7:17pm


MEDICINE HAT, AB — A Redcliff business owner is thanking customers for their support during a difficult time for her business.

Harpinder Brar owns the Husky Gas Station in Redcliff. The station is currently selling fuel for $1.24.9, while other stores are selling it for as much as 10 cents lower.

“This is a situation that has been happening for over a year, but the last couple of months, it’s been pretty bad,” she said. “I’m not sure if it’s a city problem, I’m not sure if it’s a bigger company problem, we have no idea about what’s going on.”

Brar says recently, they had to pay $1.29 per litre for fuel, and are currently selling it at a loss at the station. She says the gas primarily comes from Calgary, and her business has to pay for fare charges and other fees as well.

Brar has owned the gas station for 18 years and also owns Redcliff Family Foods. She says the past summer has been difficult for the gas station business.

“I’ve had to put my kids to the work, can’t afford too many people to work for me,” she said. “I have to get this business going, that’s the only option.”

She says she has reached out to Husky for assistance with the issue.

Brar, adds she is thankful for the support from the community, who are continuing to buy products at the gas station.

“People are wonderful in Redcliff,” she said. “I’m here because of these people. Otherwise, the way it was happening, I would’ve been gone a long time ago. They are coming in the store, buying smokes and other stuff from me, as many as they can support. Even for the gas too, I have a lot of gas customers. Even though it’s $1.14 next door and we are $1.24. They still come here.”

CHAT reached out to Husky for a comment about the issue, but have not yet received a response. 

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