Federal government announces $225,000 in funding for Foremost unmanned vehicle range

By Charles Lefebvre
September 24, 2018 - 11:16am

FOREMOST, AB — The federal government has announced significant funding for the Unmanned Air Systems Range in Foremost.

In a news release on Monday, Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development announced an investment of $225,000 towards the facility. The funding will be used to purchase specialized safety equipment for the range.

“Unmanned vehicles are becoming increasingly common in Canadian skies,” Bains wrote in a statement. “This technology is destined to have a major influence over how we live our lives, conduct business and care for the environment. Our investment in the Foremost Unmanned Air Systems Range will help our country’s innovators lead the world in developing unmanned systems technologies.”

The federal funding comes from the Western Economic Diversification Program. The centre is also receiving $300,000 from the provincial government, $35,000 from the Palliser Economic Partnership and $30,000 from the Village of Foremost.

The safety system is required to allow testing on unmanned aerial vehicles from beyond visual line of sight. The range in Foremost is one of two airspaces in the country with certification from Transport Canada for beyond visual line of site operations.

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