Speed limit changes possibly on the way for the South Boundary Road corridor

By Matt Pouncy
June 22, 2018 - 4:51pm Updated: June 22, 2018 - 7:10pm


MEDICINE HAT, AB — The city is looking into making some changes to the speed limit on a major roadway in Medicine Hat.

The proposed changes to the South Boundary Road corridor are a part of a city wide speed review that started in 2017.

Drivers on South Boundary Road currently have to contend with five different speed zones along the eight kilometre stretch of road.

Stan Schwartzenberger, Commissioner of Development and Infrastructure with the City of Medicine Hat, says they plan to make some changes to that area of road.

“There will be I think enhanced safety in terms of consistency of speed,” said Schwartzenberger. “We’re not pushing the upper limit of the design of the road in any particular place at that speed and there’s more predictability and people know what to expect.”

Right now between the Trans Canada Highway and Highway 3, the speed changes from 50km/h, to 60km/h, the 80km/h, and back down to a section that’s 50km/h except for some tight corners that are 40km/h.

The city says the changes can frustrate drivers and encourage speeding.

A recent study by the city determined an acceptable speed for the majority of road is 70km/h from Southlands Drive Southeast to Range Road 61 A.

The proposed changes still need to be approved by City Council but if they are Schwartzenberger says the changes would be made by the end of the summer.

“The only changes that the user will see, will be notification signs to begin with and the actual speed sign changes when we put it in to effect,” says Schwartzenberger.

City staff hope the consistent speed limit will make the road safer for everyone.

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