Overland flooding remains a concern in S.E. Alberta

By Brian Konrad
April 16, 2018 - 6:27am

Southeastern Alberta - Melting snow has resulted in water flowing over highways in parts of south eastern Alberta in the last 24 hours, including near Jenner.
5-1-1 Alberta says speed is down to 50 kilometers and hour on Highway 884, about 10 kilometers south of Jenner.
There's also flooding on Highway 555 between Atlee and Buffalo  and motorists can expect delays.
Alberta Emergency Alert issued an advisory of roads closed in 40 Mile County last night due to overland flooding as well.
But RCMP say they were able to re-open Highway 36 and Highway 864 north of Taber last night as flood waters dropped overnight.
However there's rain moving through Southeastern Alberta this morning, and that could impact the speed of the snow melt.

Power outage early Monday in Medicine Hat