Medicine Hat College plans to build on grant money

By Leah Murray
March 23, 2018 - 5:45pm Updated: March 23, 2018 - 7:20pm


MEDICINE HAT - Medicine Hat College plans to use $4.3 million dollars in funding to help build a project it’s calling ‘Generation East’.

The grant was originally announced in 2017, but was officially included as part of Alberta’s 2018-2019 budget.

The college has been working on the project for the past six months and are hoping to have a proposal go to the Board of Governors in May.

Generation East is a focus on improving the wellness facilities at the College.

Wayne Resch, the acting president at Medicine Hat College, said with the project they are hoping to see either a renovated gym space or a brand new gym space, along with some new or renovated classrooms in the health and science area.

Proposals are currently being put together and more details are expected once the Board of Governors reviews and implements a plan.

“The board will be making it’s decision, from there we’ll move into hopefully construction and possibly even being in the ground this fall, or early next spring,” said Resch.

Generation East is expected to cost around $15 million dollars and would be funded partially by the government grant, money from the college itself and fundraising dollars.

The College is also receiving a two per cent increase in the Campus Alberta Grant. Resch said that’s approximately $600,000 that could go towards developing new programs or improving existing ones.

“We have to have programming that students want to take,” said Resch. “So, we need to do work in that area so we know where the students want to go and what they want to take.”

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