Prairie Rose presents three-year capital plan; new middle school in Redcliff on list once again

By Charles Lefebvre
March 13, 2018 - 2:52pm Updated: March 13, 2018 - 6:54pm


REDCLIFF, AB — Prairie Rose School Division could be making changes to education in Redcliff in the next several years, if they receive approval from Alberta Education.

The division presented its three-year capital plan for 2019-2022 during its monthly meeting Tuesday afternoon. The plan, which is submitted and updated yearly, identifies the highest school facility and infrastructure needs for the next three years.

For the second year in a row, the division’s first two priorities remain the same. The top priority is a complete modernization of Burdett School, while its second priority is to build a new middle school in the Town of Redcliff.

“The school in Redcliff has been on our capital plan for quite some time now,” said Ryan Boser, secretary/treasurer with Prairie Rose School Division. “The idea is that we continue to expect growth in Redcliff.

“Our schools in Redcliff are getting towards an older age, and the deficiencies at some of the schools are starting to increase. So, we thought it was important, given the expected growth of the community, that we put an additional school for Redcliff on the capital plan to help bring attention to the Alberta government.”

No decision has been made by the province yet regarding a new school.

If built, the school would serve students from Grades 6-9, and be built for 350 students. The new school would have space for Career and Technology Foundations courses not currently offered in the town.

“Right now, they’re going into Medicine Hat to get that programming, so one of the aspects that we can do is ensure that a CTF Shop facility is included with the new school,” Boser said.

The plan would see students at Parkside School and the Grade 6 students at Margaret Wooding School attend the new school. Parkside School would be converted into an alternative program school, and the Redcliff Mennonite Alternative Program (RMAP) would move into the Parkside space.

According to the documents, the division anticipates RMAP’s enrolment to increase to 107 students by 2022. The current building has the capacity for 100 students. The division also anticipates Parkside School’s student population to hit 203 students in 2022, while Margaret Wooding is expected to drop from 195 students in 2018 to 177 in 2022.

The current estimated cost for the school would be $13.95 million. The school would be built either in a new subdivision in the town’s east, or sharing the land with Margaret Wooding School.

Boser says the town has provided a letter of commitment for the school, detailing obligations and willingness to provide a site, roadways and utilities for the new school.

The capital plan will be sent to Alberta Education, who will make the final decision on any projects.

Other schools on the capital projects list are Parkside School (modernization), as well as Foremost School and South Central High School in Oyen (potential modernization).

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