Town council hears from concerned residents over curbside pickup

By Ashley Wiebe
February 12, 2018 - 9:58pm Updated: February 13, 2018 - 6:45pm


REDCLIFF, AB — Residents were given their chance to address town council on the issues they have with curbside pickup on Monday night.

More than 40 people filled the council chamber.

A pair of presentations were given by residents, along with an informal petition, which was signed by 523 residents, which council accepted as information.

Jordan Weiss addressed council, asking about a plan to assist ‘the elderly and disabled residents who are unable to move their bins’.

Council also heard from resident Jeff Gray, who talked about his experience using curbside bins in the past.

Mayor Dwight Kilpatrick also heard from other concerned residents once the outlined questions were addressed.

“You still hope that by answering some peoples questions outside of the dozen that got asked by the two presenters would help,” he said. “I’m not going to say it did.”

Kilpatrick said the new option of curbside pickup for garbage and recycling is expected to cost less than the current system, which doesn’t include any recycling plan currently.

Numbers were also shown to the delegation, which showed a 10-year projection of savings.

“Right now, just this year alone, there’s almost $2/month savings,” he added.

Kilpatrick added that there is no plan in place to bring a central recycling station to the town, saying that would only drive up the costs.

“There’s nothing wrong with liking those back alley bins,” he said. “They’ve been the best thing for 25 years.”

Resident Jeff Gray agrees.

Gray told council a few of his ideas, one being that a centralized recycling system could work.

"How about between the Hylton and town hall? The pool and the skating rink on Main Street?" he asked.

"This is a little bit of heated debate," he told CHAT News. "I think we need more [time to] talk about it. Anybody can put numbers together and skew them however they need to."

Kilpatrick said the contract between the town and Can Pak is with a lawyer. He expects council to vote on the issue of bringing curbside pickup to town at the next meeting, which is scheduled for February 26th.


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