Co-accused granted adjournment in second-degree murder case

By Patrick Burles - Lethbridge News Now
January 13, 2018 - 7:30am

LETHBRIDGE - The lawyers representing two Lethbridge men accused of second-degree murder, have been granted adjournments as they continue to build their cases.

Claudia Connolly, defence counsel for 19-year-old Simon Danny Scout, told the court Friday morning, Jan. 12, that her office just received “binders of information”, which they now need to review. Ingrid Hess, likewise, said she needed time to go over the volumes of disclosure for her client, 23-year-old Rylan James Wyatt Twigg.

After hearing from the Crown, who confirmed that they turned over a significant amount of disclosure to the defence, the judge adjourned Scout’s case to Feb. 12 and Twigg’s to Feb. 14. Both men remain in custody.

The two men are accused in the Nov. 27 death of 45-year-old Kenrick First Rider.

EMS responded to a report of an unresponsive man inside a home along the 1200 block of 9 Avenue North at approximately 7:20 that morning. Upon arrival, they pronounced First Rider dead and contacted the Lethbridge Police Service.

Twigg turned himself in to police that evening, while Scout was arrested the following day, thanks to tips from the public.

Following an investigation, LPS released a statement saying they believe First Rider had been involved in a verbal dispute with two other men, which escalated to a physical altercation that resulted in First Rider sustaining fatal injuries.

They also noted that the two accused were living with the victim, and that Twigg’s mother had been involved in a relationship with First Rider.

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