2018 Hat Smart program underway

By CHAT News Today
January 4, 2018 - 11:27am

MEDICINE HAT, AB — The 2018 edition of the city’s HAT Smart program has officially launched.

The program, which was approved during the city council meeting on December 18, sees incentives from the city to promote energy conservation and renewable energy among homeowners. Several

New this year includes rebates and incentives being offered for homeowners to seal air leaks within their homes, which will complement rebates being offered through Energy Efficiency Alberta.

Rebates have also returned to allow residents to install solar panels on their homes, and HAT Smart will be matching the rebate offered through Energy Efficiency Alberta, allowing customers to access both funding sources.

In addition, rebates are also being offered for energy efficient clothes dryers, which can be couple with the province’s rebate for energy efficient washing machines. HAT Smart has also brought back its scratch and win program, which allows customers to win back the cost of small energy conservation items, such as energy efficient light bulbs or programmable thermostats.

The program is funded with a total of $210,000 for 2018, with the money coming from the Environment Conservation Charge.

More information about rebates available can be found at www.hatsmart.ca or by calling 403-502-8799.

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