Mad Hatter & Happy Hatter - Nov 6

By CHAT News Today
November 6, 2017 - 8:09am

Mad Hatter
What is with all these bomb threats in the Hat? This is supposed to be a safe place to live yet violence is finding our city!!

Mad Hatter
Some young people are so self absorbed. I show up to my second job after working a 9-hour day at my first job only to have the young girl working the desk to give me flack because the schedule was written for me to be there at 5. Well, considering I work my job on the exact other end of town until 5, that isn’t about to happen. Sorry you had to work an extra 20 minutes.

Happy Hatter
Thank you to the NDP government for doing the right thing and keeping our LGBTQ+ kids safe - there is enough hate in this world and many of these teens need a welcome space to be who they are and/or support friends who are LGBTQ+.

Mad Hatter
When cars and trucks don’t clear all their windows off before driving. In order to check your blind spots, you need to have your windows cleared!!!

Mad Hatter
What is with all the shootings in the States? When will they learn that automatic and semi-automatic weapons are not for “safety” and do not pertain to their amendment rights. Besides, they are called AMENDMENTS for a reason. Amend away, America.

Mad Hatter
Mad that I waited so long to get my winter tires on. The roads are so awful and driving around in all seasons is brutal! 


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