Company seeking to place helium facility in Medicine Hat

By James Wood
November 2, 2017 - 8:59am Updated: November 2, 2017 - 7:15pm


MEDICINE HAT, ALTA- A Virginia-based energy company is looking to expand their helium footprint into the Gas City.

According to a press release issued by the Weil Group Canada, the organization is looking to commission a central helium liquefaction facility in Southern Alberta. The timeframe for the decision is listed as within the next 20 months.

The company is based out of Richmond, Virginia, and describes itself as focused on “underdeveloped resources in global energy”. The company’s website describes previous projects in Canada, the United States, Colombia, South America, and in the Philippines.

The proposed Medicine Hat facility would be called a “CryoHub” according to the company’s press release, which also states that “extensive discussions” about the idea have been ongoing with the municipal government of Medicine Hat.

“The city last month announced that it is undertaking helium exploration as part of its recently expanded drilling program,” said Weil CEO Jeff Vogt, in the release.

“Therefore, this proposed facility would be a central hub to receive helium production from projects in both Alberta and Saskatchewan for liquefaction.”

The company also holds proven helium reserves in Montana, which could link into the planned facility.

“Thanks to our forward looking Growth Strategy, we were able to identify this opportunity and are pleased to support the Weil Group’s plans to invest in Medicine Hat,” said Mayor Ted Clugston, who was also quoted in the release.

“This is a significant step in the Medicine Hat story. It demonstrates, once again, the unique benefits of our location and our city’s ability to achieve economic diversification. Local business investment creates employment and future revenue for our city.”

Weil is aiming to bring an additional 200 million cubic feet of helium supply online, with exports sent to the United States, Asia, and Europe, according to their press release.

“We envision Medicine Hat as becoming the country’s helium supply hub,” said Vogt, in the notice.

“The city’s infrastructure, location on the TransCanada highway, labour pool, and reliable power supply all make the city an ideal site for liquid helium production with Weil Group.”

The company already has one helium facility in Canada, located in Mankota, Saskatchewan. The end of the release about the Medicine Hat facility states that the company is now waiting on regulations from the Alberta government on helium production.

“While Saskatchewan has a regulatory framework for helium production, the Group awaits a similar regulatory framework from the Alberta Government to fully activate its pipeline of helium projects in the region,” reads the release.

CHAT News will be reaching out to the municipal government for more information on the proposal today.

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