Meet the candidate: Jamie McIntosh

By CHAT News Today
October 13, 2017 - 9:36am

MEDICINE HAT, AB – Councillor Jamie McIntosh says he has more to give on city council.

“Definitely the first couple of years was just an immense amount of learning for me,” he said. “I think I’ve definitely got my footing, and I feel that another four years makes sense for the commitment I have for the city and what I want to see done.”

McIntosh, a teacher, was elected for his first term in 2013, earning the highest number of votes among new candidates.

As councillor, McIntosh was on the audit committee, the energy committee and the CCDA downtown planning committee, among other appointments.

He says if re-elected, there is one main priority for the city.

“There is no question that the biggest issue is the financial gap we are experiencing,” he said. My platform focuses on a couple of key areas that I think are going to help address that.

“Obviously, Financially Fit needs to continue to be a priority. Getting our energy division back to profitability is a huge requirement, and continuing to see our city grow and develop. Three of those things together are going to be very positive.”

He says the first thing he’ll do if re-elected is meet with council and start working together to build a consensus on the path forward.

“I think that a team approach is paramount to ensuring that we have a positive four years where we can get some things accomplished.”

McIntosh says he is most proud of several accomplishments of the past council, including the construction of berms to protect the city from flooding.

“They’re something I never want to see utilized, but when it is utilized in the future, it’s going to make our community a much safer place than it was before they were put in,” he said, adding foresight and teamwork got it finished before receiving provincial funding.

Election day is October 16th.  

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