Wasting food, can be like throwing money in the garbage

By Brittney Matejka
October 1, 2017 - 4:14pm

BROOKS, AB. - During the ‘Taste of Nations’ event at the JBD Canada Centre Field House on Saturday afternoon, EcoBrooks set up a different kind of vendor table in conjunction with Alberta Culture Days.

EcoBrooks Committee Chair, Florence Juska said they’re looking to call awareness to food waste and are trying to educating people not to throw out everything in the garbage.

“Leftovers or if its gone a little bit bad on the edges then we want people to consider other ways and methods of cooking the food,” she explained.

For the purpose of the event, EcoBrooks reached out to Friesen Bros. IGA and local producers for cull or imperfect items, that wouldn’t be on store shelves but still had nutritional value said Juska. The committee partnered with a Brooks Composite High School Foods class to to create a shepherds pie, apple crisp and chicken gumbo she explained. These dishes were then gievn out as free samples during the ‘Taste of Nations’ event.

“We want to explain to people that there is a better way to use the food up than throwing it away,” she said.

Juska, went on to explain that throwing away uneaten food can be compared to throwing money in the garbage and a waste of the resources of the producers. 

“The day it's planted as a seed, there is a lot of processing, from the facility and the energy, the water that is used, and the work of the farmer; it all goes into part of the growth of that product,” she said.

She added there are Apps available to help people create recipes from the contents of their refrigerator to help limit food waste. She recommended an App called ‘Kitchen Sink.’ It allows the user to enter items they have in their home and the ‘Kitchen Sink’ will generate recipes for the user with the ingredients they have given it.

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