Fougere makes last minute run for the mayor's seat

By Leah Murray
September 18, 2017 - 5:49pm Updated: September 18, 2017 - 7:13pm


MEDICINE HAT, AB — A last minute candidate has increased the number of people running for the mayor’s seat in the October 16th election.

Thomas “Tall Bike Tommy” Fougere submitted his paperwork in council chambers Monday morning.

Fougere becomes the fourth candidate to declare alongside incumbent Ted Clugston, former alderman John Hamill and teacher Scott Raible.

When asked why he decided to run for Mayor of Medicine Hat, Fougere said “Because it’s easy and more people should do it.”

“A lot of people out there in the community asked me to put my hat in,” said the man behind the social media channel Community TV.

“I thought this would be an interesting venture. I think not only will I learn a lot about municipal politics, but through that I’ll be able to tell a lot of people about how it works and I think that’s valuable.”

Fougere gathered the 25 required signatures Monday morning outside Medicine Hat College.

In talking with some of the signatories, he said the biggest issue he was hearing from students, were about changes to transit.

“It seems like people that have lower income and that have to rely on things like this, are less often a voice that’s heard,” he explained. “So, I guess one of my objectives will be to make that voice better heard during this election.”

Fougere was asked why he chose to run for mayor and not council.

“If you’re going to do something go all in, you know?” he said. “There’s a huge diversity of people in Medicine Hat, who have a lot of different feelings about a lot of different things, and for there to be only three viable options [for mayor] is simply not enough.”

Fougere said he doesn’t plan on putting up any signage in the lead up to election day on October 16th.

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