Friends of Medicare wants to see dental fees lower

By Brittney Matejka
August 19, 2017 - 4:42pm

MEDICINE HAT, AB. - The new Dental Fee Guide for Albertans has been met with mixed reviews.

The Alberta Dental Association hasn’t released an annual fee schedule since 1997, as they say they wanted to create a dental market with competition.

Sandra Azocar, Executive Director with Friends of Medicare, was in Medicine Hat Saturday for a an event discussing healthcare matters in the province. She said the new guide still isn’t affordable.

“After the initial government review, they found that Albertans were paying more than 44% than our counter parts across the country in terms of dental services,” said Azocar. “[Albertans are paying] 114% more than people in BC for example in essential things such as check-ups.”

Friends of Medicare said this guide was supposed to provide transparency when it comes to dental fees, Azocar said that a 3% reduction isn’t enough.

“We don't believe that it goes far enough to address the affordability and accessibility question and issue that prompted this review to begin with,” she explained.

Friends of Medicare suggests that dentists in Alberta have set prices significantly higher due to higher staffing and overhead costs.


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