Fildebrandt apologizing, taking leave of absence

By The Canadian Press
August 11, 2017 - 7:42am

Alberta politician Derek Fildebrandt is apologizing for using his taxpayer-funded housing allowance to make money and taking a leave of absence as finance critic for the new United Conservative Party.

That's after he initially said there was nothing wrong with renting out his subsidized Edmonton apartment through Airbnb when he wasn't using it.

Fildebrandt once served as the Alberta director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, fighting against the abuse of taxpayers' money.

The interim leader of Alberta's United Conservative Party says the U-C-P believes in fiscal accountability and protecting taxpayers.

Nathan Cooper made the comment after Fildebrandt apologized.

Fildebrandt says he believed his actions were above board, but admits the public wouldn't see it that way.


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