SPCA planning to undergo 'Extreme Shelter Makeover'

By Leah Murray
June 5, 2017 - 5:12pm Updated: June 5, 2017 - 7:38pm


MEDICINE HAT, AB — The Medicine Hat SPCA has set a big fundraising goal to help renovate their building.

The Extreme Shelter Makeover campaign aims to raise $700,000 to provide a more suitable environment for the animals and people who care for them.

The building is 33 years old and showing its age.

The SPCA says the building was never designed to be an animal shelter. It says the building is cramped and crowded with inadequate space.

Many of the kennels and cages have rust spots, and improvements are desperately needed to the ventilation systems and flooring.

Executive director Katie Ayres said the renovations would go a long way towards improving the health of animals at the shelter.

“We’re focusing a lot on disease management with our renovation plans,” she said. “So, that has to do with the flooring, the ventilation system, as well as the flow between our holding area in the back where the animals are in quarantine and the area in the front.”

The money would also help build an expansion to add classroom space for school programs or training opportunities.

Ayres said they are the most excited about what that could mean for the SPCA heading into the future.

“That would enable us to hold things like summer camps for kids, to have schools come in for presentations, and to teach why it’s important to be respectful and compassionate towards animals,” Ayres explained.

The SPCA estimates fundraising and construction will take two to three years.

Those interested in donating to the project can visit the SPCA’s website by clicking HERE.

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