Southwest Saskatchewan farmers have planted 18 per cent of region's crop

By CHAT News Today
May 11, 2017 - 10:45am Updated: May 11, 2017 - 11:49am

REGINA — Farmers in southwest Saskatchewan are working to get their seed in the ground quickly, thanks to the warmer weather.

According to the weekly crop report posted by the Saskatchewan government, 18 per cent of the crop in the region is now in the ground, up two per cent from last week. This remains behind the five-year average for this time of year, which sits at 32 per cent.

The report also states wet soil continues to be an issue in the region. Topsoil moisture is rated at 11 per cent surplus, 88 per cent adequate and one per cent short. Many of the fields in the region are saturated and will need warm and dry weather before they can support equipment.

Most of the region received a small amount of rain this week, with the exception of Gravelbourg, which reported 20 millimetres of precipitation. Since the start of April, the Gull Lake area has reported 57 millimetres of precipitation, the most in the region.

Harvesting of crop from last year continues in some areas as time permits, and farmers are currently seeding, working fields and controlling weeds.

Saskatchewan farmers making progress on seeding