Police and lawyers join forces for Law Day

By Scott Roblin
April 22, 2017 - 6:02pm

MEDICINE HAT, AB - Medicine Hat’s provincial courthouse was flooded on Saturday with people, not paying tickets or on trial for crimes, but to take part in Law Day.

Hosted by local lawyers and the Medicine Hat Police Service, families were able to tour the courthouse, watch a K-9 Unit take-down of a suspect, and participate in a mock trail of beloved Dr. Seuss character ‘Cat in the Hat.’

Lawyer and organizer Darin Wight said the goal of the event is all about educating the youth.

“It gives them an opportunity to learn about these different agencies, learn a little more about the legal and police systems,” Wight said. “So, we get lots of comments and lots of good feedback from a lot of people who come down here.”

New Canadian citizens were also able to join in on the festivities, as a swearing in ceremony was held in the courthouse atrium.

Wight said from an attendance perspective, this year’s Law Day was a great success.

“There are a ton of kids down here and they seem to all be really curious, learning lots, and excited,” he said. “I think it’s a really good learning opportunity for them, and they’re all having fun. It’s really neat to see the community come together and be in this courthouse, that’s otherwise fairly intimidating for the public.”

Along with Medicine Hat Police Service representatives, local firefighters, border security members, and military personnel showed off their vehicles and gear to the children and their families.

Wight adds it was a huge bonus to have all the police, military, and fire organizations on hand this weekend.

“They’re just really great with the kids,” he said. “They come out every year and we really appreciate they come and do that. It gives us as the public kind of a sense that they’re here for us, and they’re willing to give up their day to be down here.”

Offices in Calgary, Edmonton, and Red Deer also held Law Day events on Saturday.

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